Specialty treats for people and pups!

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Where can we find doggo waffles?

The Dingo Diner in Westminster

The Broomfield Veterinary Hospital

WHERE can we FIND human waffles?

iVibe Coffee in Westminster

Do you sell waffles for people or dogs?

Yes. We sell gluten-free cake like waffles for humans. These are rectangular with deep nooks, perfect for catching toppings! Our Doggo Waffles are made without any added sugars, fats, or salt, and are smaller circle-shaped waffles.



What we do

We make waffles for people and dogs.

Our waffle recipes have been carefully crafted for taste, texture, and for various dietary needs. We specialize in potato and oat based recipes, which are naturally gluten-free, safe and healthy for dogs and people alike!

Carrot Cake Doggo Waffle - Carrots, sweet potato, and a dollop of plain greek yogurt.

Carrot Cake Doggo Waffle - Carrots, sweet potato, and a dollop of plain greek yogurt.

Jalapeno Cornbread Waffle - Our best seller!

Jalapeno Cornbread Waffle - Our best seller!

Lemon Cake Waffle - My personal favorite. Sweet, citrusy, and fresh!

Lemon Cake Waffle - My personal favorite. Sweet, citrusy, and fresh!


Our waffle menu is growing all the time!


About Us


Where it all started

In mid 2018 Matt decided to quit his job at Ball Aerospace and take a head-clearing road trip to the west coast. While on that trip, Drex became very ill, and we were afraid we might lose him. Shortly after returning home, Matt began his new job, which went well for about 6 months. After 10 years of mediocre software engineering, mostly for large companies with funny names, Matt decided enough was enough.

“I want to spend less time at a desk and more time with my dog.”

Towards the end of his final contract, he made Belgian waffles in the break room for his coworkers. They reacted so positively that he decided to quit engineering completely and convince his wife to let him make waffles for a living.

It went over well.

After some convincing and a lot of research, she came on board, and now is helping to make this crazy idea a reality. Waffle Doods combines Matt’s passion for his doggos (and creating healthy affordable treats for them), and his love of baking and foodservice. We cater waffles for people, and we dehydrate some of them for dogs.

These days Matt has much more time to spend with Andorra, Drex, and Kaiser. Follow their adventures on Facebook!


Who we are

From left, Matt, Drex, Andorra. Matt and Drex moved from their home state of New Hampshire in 2012, landing in Asheville, NC where they met Andorra. When she left for the Peace Corps, the remaining pair searched the country for the ideal place to plant roots once Andorra returned home. That search led them to Colorado.

Years later, now married, homeowners, and with another pup in the family, things were looking good…until Matt finally hit a breaking point in his career.

After some discussion and a lot of homework, we decided to spend our time pursuing joy instead of just income, combining Matt’s passion for cooking with our love of dogs and people. That is what led to the decision to start a small business, and Waffle Doods was born!


For the love of dogs

We are passionate about our love for dogs and humans alike. Providing happiness in the form of waffles is our mission. All of the waffles we make are safe for dogs to eat. They are low in fat (because we add very little or none), and are mostly sweet potato, applesauce, water, and oats. All good stuff for people and their pups.

Take some on your next hike! They are sturdy, light, and sharable with friends and doggos alike.



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